Schedule for the Fall Semester


Here is our weekly schedule for riding this semester:

  • Tuesday: fast, flatter group ride, around 40-50 miles at 18-20 mph. 5 pm at EHP. Led by David.
  • Wednesday: Stadium runs with the XC Ski team. Meet at 5 pm under the home bleachers at Schoellkpf Stadium. Great cross-training!
  • Thursday: Hilly medium paced ride, 16ish mph for 30-40 miles. Regroups at the top of hills. Led by Daniel, Jason and Jiahe. Meet at GWS at 5 pm.
  • Friday: Easy no-drop group ride around 20 miles, whatever speed works for the group. Led by various club officers (those named above). Meet at GWS at 5 pm.
  • Saturday: Fast pace-line ride, 70-80 miles around 20 mph. Time varies, usually in the am at GWS.
  • Sunday: recreational group ride at 8 am. Led by Alex Dubro. Meet at GWS, about 2 hours long.

EHP means in the RiteAid parking at East Hill Plaza. GWS means behind Goldwin Smith Hall by the statue. Subscribe to the listserve to get the ride announcements along with cancellations/time or place changes.

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