As the temperature drops into the frigid ranges that might cause many Cornellians to bundle up with a cup of hot chocolate and skip class until the weather warms again, some of the crazier members of the club get out their cyclocross bikes and ride and race well into the winter!

Peter Mintun ’14 digging deep at the Saratoga SPA CX race

Although almost as old as the bicycle itself, ‘cross hasn’t really started to take off until recently. Almost a mashup of a road racing criterium and a mountain biking XC race, cyclocross races test racers’ fitness, bike handling abilities, and mental fortitude as they traverse a course riddled with obstacles ranging from run-ups, to sand pits, and yes, THERE WILL BE MUD. Cross bikes are generally pretty similar to road bikes, except with cantilever (and now, sometimes disc) brakes, knobbier tires for better traction, and sometimes slightly different geometry

The Cornell Cycling Club has a small but dedicated group of ‘crossers who attend regional amateur and collegiate cyclocross races. If interested in racing cross (or just learning the ropes), hit up our list serve or email an officer directly! When ‘cross season rolls around, we’ll also be doing a weekly training race for those interested in friendly competition or just learning basic riding technique.

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