Recommended Routes

Long Routes:

  • Southeast to Greenwood County Park: 70 miles and 6400 ft. of climbing. Lovely country roads throughout with highlights on Howard Hill Road and Glen Road. Save some energy for the grind up Old 76. Stop for water at Greenwood park (and ice cream if you need same cold calories).
  • West to Whitney Point: 80 miles with 6200 ft. of climbing. Head up Old 76 and Glen road this time, continuing on a variety of exposed country roads to Whitney Point. Heading north past Whitney Point Reservoir on Route 26, a couple left turns take you up a steep dirt ramp on Gay Head Road. Fear not! The dirt ends as the road levels out and smooth asphalt leads the way home. Enjoy the climb up Owego Hill and the riverside ride on Lower Creek.
  • Owego Lake Loop: 85 miles and 4700 ft. of climbing. Highlights are the challenging climb out of Moravia on Long Hill Road and the subsequent lakeside riding. The ride down Salmon Creek Road is also a beautiful, quiet country road. Great loop for some fast rolling.
  • Cayuga Lake Lap: 90 flatter miles with 4200 ft. of climbing. Uses the obvious, main roads but gets some fantastic lakeside roads. Stop at Cayuga Lake State Park for water and some lakeside pictures. This route is pretty flat but save some energy for the exposed, hillier section near the end where water runs low and sweat rolls from the brow.
  • Southwest Gil Route: borrowed from Gil Menda, a 78 mile with almost 7k ft. of climbing. South Danby Road, Wyncoop Creek and Hogback Road make a lovely route out. Shaffer road makes for a nice gradual

Medium Length Routes:

  • To the west is a 55 mile route with 4500 ft. of climbing. Enjoy the views form the top of Picnic Hill rd and stop halfway down the descent of Taughannock Park rd to see the beautiful falls. This ride takes you past Treman State park and the Finger Lakes National Forest as well!
  • Opposite Ithaca, this 38 mile route takes you over three quiet country climbs and through Dryden to the west. Enjoy the view of Dryden Lake and the finish along Fall Creek.
  •  Our next route takes us southeast along a flatter 46 mile route – perfect for a paceline practice. Pound down Fairfield road, turn the corner and push it back up Back West Creek rd. The oft-ridden Old 76 provides a finishing climb to burn any extra energy.
  • The southwest route is 45 miles full of challenging hills! Still a work in progress, this route includes some dirt/gravel sections. The descent down Route 327 provides flowing finish to this challenging ride with 4500 ft. of climbing.
  • Finally, the northern ride offers another flattish 45 mile route. A classic Cornell cycling club ride,  see how fast you can complete the Tempo Tuesday Strava segment. Travel a few extra feet down Mill st. in Ludlowville for a view of the picturesque falls on Salmon Creek.

Short Routes:

  • Lower Creek Groton (26 miles, 1300ft elevation)
  • Brooktondale (20 miles, 1400ft elevation)
  • The Inlet (12 miles, 620ft elevation)
  • Ringwood (26 miles, 2000ft)
  • Sandbank and Buttermilk Falls (14 miles, 1700ft elevation)
  • Mt. Pleasant and Yellow Barn (25 miles, 3000ft elevation). This route isn’t too long, but packs quite a bit of elevation for the distance. It starts by taking you up Mt. Pleasant; which can be pleasant, provided you enjoy climbing. Make sure you take in the nice view and enjoy the fast descent because it won’t be long before you’ll be climbing back up Yellow Barn Rd.
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