Donate to Cornell Cycling

Thank you for considering a donation to Cycling Club at Cornell! We are only able to support a team of this size with your help. Funds are used in a variety of ways and here are examples on how your donation can help us:

  • $5 – Purchase gels and other fuel for races
  • $25 – Replace a flat tire, or other minor mechanical issue on one of our bikes
  • $50 – Cover race hotel expenses for one member
  • $100 – Cover a partial kit (jersey or bibs) for one of our members
  • $250 – Cover a full kit (jersey, bibs, & jacket) for one of our members
  • $500 – Purchase smart trainers so we can have more members at our group winter workouts
  • $1,000 – Purchase loaner bikes to lend to new members

How ever much you choose to donate, large or small, we are gracious for your help!

If you are ready to make a donation please follow the steps below.

  1. Visit 
  2. Select “Other” under the “Select a fund to support” section and click “Next Step” on the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter Cycling Club, Fund # 0002295 under the “Tell us where you would like your gift(s) to go” section.
  4. Enter your gift amount and follow the rest of the donation steps.

Any questions or concerns? Please email

Thank you for your support!

Updated October 2022

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