The Club

2022-2023 Club Officers  

President: Max Battaglia ’23

Executive Vice President: Michael Tyrrell ’23

Treasurer: Lev Katreczko ’23

Please feel free to contact us at any time by emailing

About the club

Cornell Cycling is, first and foremost, a club.  We’re just looking to have a great time on our bikes and to grow the sport of cycling among young riders. To maintain this goal, every Friday (weather-permitting, of course — this is Ithaca) we post a “fun ride” where the terrain is mostly flat and the pace is set by the least experienced rider.  It’s a social recovery ride and a great time to meet other club members. During the remainder of the week, members continue to ride socially or lay down the hammer to train for races. The club is part of the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC) and supports racers for the mountain, cyclocross and road racing seasons.

FAQs for new members

How do I join?

First, contact our officers to join the GroupMe for messages on rides and other club news.  Then, to become an official member, join us on CampusGroups. This puts you on our mailing list and gives you access to the club’s sponsorship discounts on great bike gear, our cycling kit, and allows you to race for the club (and to get reimbursed for expenses!). It’s a great way to get into racing, and the best deal you’ll find outside of joining a pro team. Finally, join us for a Friday Fun Ride or other event and say hello!

Do I have to be fast?

No way! You just need to be interested in riding your bike.  The club’s membership covers a wide range of skill levels, and even the fastest riders don’t ride fast all the time.  There are many more slow riders than fast ones, so don’t be shy about posting a ride in the GroupMe and advertising whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

I like to ride and am interested in seeing what racing is all about.

Collegiate racing is a great way to start with categories to match any level of experience.  For some less formal races: members of the Finger Lakes Cycling Club hold their Tuesday Night Race (“TNR”) during the warmer months.  Check out our racing and rides pages for more info.

Where can I find the club jersey and bib shorts?

We usually place clothing orders at the start of the spring semester, which are announced via email and in the GroupMe.  The club also may have some inventory on hand; contact a club officer for more info. Fill out this form if you are interested in ordering a kit; you will be contacted when we are placing an order.

What’s with this leg shaving business?

It’s all about preference.  Some say it helps with “road rash,” others say it makes a post-race rub down easier, and still others say it “looks pro” and think that’s reason enough.

What does the club do during the winter?

Many club members are out riding later in the fall and earlier in the “spring” than most people would think sane.  For the mere mortal riders, the club has trainers and rollers available for members to use in Barton Hall.

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