Alex Alexiades opens up the collegiate MTB season with a win!

Fresh off his recent success at the Hardcore 24 mountain bike race, Alex Alexiades grad opened up the collegiate mountain bike season with a bang, dominating the Men’s B XC field this past Saturday at Lehigh, winning by over three minutes over second place and over eight minutes on third place in his first collegiate race for the Big Red.

UPDATE: Alex has upgraded to Cat A and written a great race report with some photos (below).

I headed down to Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA last Friday to pre-ride the XC course for my first ever collegiate race. I’m something of a late starter for mountain bike racing considering I’m 32  years old and just started cycling in earnest last year when I moved to Ithaca (to do a PhD at Cornell) from out West, transitioning over from alpine/big wall climbing and big mountain skiing. My only race experience was in the NY and H2H XC Mtb Series this summer. I also did my first 24 hour solo this year in the NY Hardcore 24. As a fairly new mtb racer, I didn’t know which category would be best to sign up for, so I split the difference and signed up for Cat B. I had no idea how I would fare in the race.

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